Years ago, Abby Reynolds was given the letters written by her great-great-grandmother who traveled from Virginia to New Mexico in a covered wagon just after the Civil War. Now, at a crossroads in her life, Abby reads Abigailís letters and follows her ancestorís trail westward where she seeks to understand the other womanís life in a land that was so foreign to her family, they all but forgot her.

Between Earth and Sky records two journeys-Abbyís search of New Mexico where she meets an old Hispanic woman whom she shares a strange kinship with, and Abigailís travels through Indian territory into a life filled with danger, forbidden love, children she could not have imagined, and always the wide arc of the sky and the strange but magical earth that lies beneath it. Part epistolary, part narrative, Between Earth and Sky forms a love letter to the land itself and to those who chose to people it.
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"The landscape itself becomes the central character in Karen Osborn's novel, placing its mark on all those who are ensnared in its power."
-New York Times Book Review

"This is, in the best sense, an 'old-fashioned' novel. That is, Osborn doesn't introduce gratuitous sex or violence because that's expected these days. Instead, she is content to let Abigail slowly, but with increasing drama, reveal her story, which meets William Faulkner's definition of worthy literature as the story of the human heart in conflict with itself."
-The Lexington Herald Leader

"The heightened awareness of Abigail's painterly eye gives Osborn an opportunity to luminously describe the Southwest in all times of day and season. Nicely integrated into the narrative are historical milestones, details of nineteenth century domesticity, social issues.... Abigail is a well-developed character...strong-willed, stubborn and brave."
-Publishers Weekly

"An epistolary novel that, while not scanting the hardships and tragedies of pioneer life, luminously evokes a pristine northern New Mexico."
-Kirkus Reviews

"Where Little House on the Prairie left off and Susan Shelby Magoffin dared not go on her way down the Santa Fe Trail, author Karen Osborn does in Between Earth and Sky."
-The New Mexican

"New Mexico is evoked so vividly, it verges upon being a character in Karen Osborn's Between Earth and Sky."
-Springfield Republican

"Told in a lifetime of letters between two sisters, this beautiful novel by poet Karen Osborn is a love song to the wild magic of New Mexico."
-The Anniston Star

"Karen Osborn's Between Earth and Sky should be read slowly so that the imagery and the remarkable woman evoked by the author's words can be savored."
-The Chattanooga Times