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The Music Book

"Osborn writes with incredible polish and subtlety...The result is a meditation on art, aspiration, jealously, and selfishness, all placed against the backdrop of gender and shifting trends in the mid-20th-century classical music scene...A gripping, precisely composed tale about music and those who give their lives to it."

—Kirkus Reviews


“As a metaphor for the '60s in America, it's appropriate. As a meditation on everyday violence, it's affecting. As a novel, it's brief, startling, and successful. Osborn is more Ian McEwan than McEwan.”

—The Seattle Stranger

The River Road

"A haunting tale of the grief, jealousy, recrimination, and revenge in the wake of a young man's accidental death. Narrated from different perspectives in alternating chapters, the story has a Rashomon-like intensity. Carefully constructed and well told: a work of tremendous, quiet power."

—Kirkus Reviews